A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

made for löve jam 2019 over three days


slay alien yakuza in this combo-based beat em' up


arrow keys - movement (double-tap to dash)
z - light attack
x - heavy attack
c - special attack
esc - pause


  • double-tap left or right to dash in that direction
    • can dash once when in air
    • dash through enemies to damage them
  • combos are made of up to 4 attacks
    • light and heavy attacks will progressively deal more damage
    • light attacks can no longer be used after a heavy attack
    • special attack will be an emp blast when used in a combo
      • will end the combo and allow you to start a new one
      • will deal more damage when used later in the combo
  • special attack will be a laser when used alone (hold to charge)


kalamitous - code
holyantimony - code
mobbo - art
offline247 - sound


blueZone_windows.zip 14 MB
blueZone.love (requires LÖVE 11.2) 11 MB

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